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Amidst the technological advancements and chemically-treated products, traditional and authentic skincare practices are losing its essence. Herby products have been developed using traditional and ancient Indian formulations, and are made in its state-of-art facility, currently based in Pondicherry, India.

Herby started its manufacturing in the year 2017 after quite a lot of research, trying to revive the nearly lost ancient Indian traditional systems related to various daily needs and requirements that have been replaced by harmful chemicals.

Herby started with the thought of protecting a child from mosquito bites. A child’s skin is too sensitive to apply creams with high chemical content or spray a repellent around him. We’d take you a few steps back in time when a child was just six months of age. Kids that age are easy prey for mosquitoes and that troubled the baby. Since his Dad is a bit of a chemist himself, he formulated a repellent spray using herbs to repel the mosquitoes. The herbal formulation was extremely safe to use around the child. It was safe to inhale and sensitive on the child’s skin. That’s how our product came into being.

Herby uses modern innovation with its foundation lying in the age-old study of Ayurveda. Herby believes in mingling the science of herbs with modern aesthetics for accentuation on adequacy and delight of use.


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