Herby’s Best Mosquito Repellent for Home

Herby’s Best Mosquito Repellent for Home

Herby’s Mosquito Repellent for Home acts as the best product to stay away from the mosquitoes. This spray repels the mosquitoes and gives protection for a longer time. No one enjoys mosquitoes particularly malaria and dengue causing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are hiding everywhere. Don’t let them stop you from doing your daily chores. Things being what they are, what are mosquito repellents?

Mosquito repellents come in numerous forms like creams, sticks, salves, or room sprays. The room sprays are designed specifically to spray indoors or near you in case of outdoors. They are quite effective in keeping the mosquitoes at bay so that they don’t bite and feed on the human blood. In times when coronavirus has taken over the world, burying its fangs in the necks of everyone it comes across, another viral infection, dengue, is taking a toll on mankind all around the globe. Both COVID-19 and dengue fever are potentially fatal diseases. Mosquito bites can cause infectious diseases like malaria and dengue. These bites are a great annoyance causing endless itching and scratching. The diseases carried by mosquitoes kill more people than any other species. Aside from mosquitoes, they keep many disease-causing bugs like gnawing flies, ticks, or any bugs away. Room sprays are a powerful method to keep creepy crawly borne maladies away.

Herby uses age-old practices with the modern facility of state-of-art equipment to develop this mosquito repellent for home and also for outdoors with absolutely zero chemicals and synthetic substances. It is a natural blend of herbs and herbal or natural extracts that are extremely safe to use, pure, and super strong against mosquitoes. The Herbal extracts are liquified in a way to preserve the maximum qualities of each herb without use of any solvents and electricity to get rid of mosquitoes. It is free from any alcohol. This non-toxic spray keeps the mosquitoes and house flies at arm’s length. The mosquito repellent for home uses Zero Power which means you are not effected by the mosquitoes even during Power Outage.

Benefits of Herby, the Mosquito Repellent for Home (Super Strong) Against Dengue & Malaria Mosquitoes:

  • Natural Protection – The organic blend of essential herbs makes it non-harmful repels the mosquitoes away from children and adults.
  • Perfect for indoors/outdoors – It will work similarly whether you use it inside or outside. 
  • DEET free – It is DEET free which makes it safe to use and inhale, in any event, for children.
  • Special protection – It protects you from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that are responsible for spreading the dengue virus.
  • ROOM DEODORIZE – The Mosquito Repellent also absorbs any toxic/ foul smell when sprayed in a room.

Why do the herbs matter?

  • Tulsi – Tulsi is effective in destroying the larvae of mosquitoes that reduce its breeding thus helps in controlling the population of mosquitoes.
  • NorCamphor – Studies have revealed that NorCamphor is extremely effective in repelling the mosquitoes. 
  • Pudina – The pungent odor of Camphor keeps the mosquitoes away. The refreshing and uplifting smell makes the repellent safe to inhale.
  • Ajwain – It acts as a natural mosquito repellent as the strong aroma of ajwain keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

How does it work?

Mosquitoes and other blood-feeding bugs are attracted to us by the carbon dioxide in our breath and skin scent. The repellents are effective enough to make the person virtually invisible to the mosquitoes. They are also effective in blocking the sense of smell of mosquitoes which keeps them off. They contain some different ingredients that are capable of increasing the long-lasting power. This is the best mosquito repellent for home as it does not kill the mosquitoes but repel them and provide protection.

How to use it?

  • For Indoors, 2 sprays in a moderately sized room, keeps the mosquitoes at bay. It does not kill the mosquitoes but they will not be effective any more.
  • For Outdoors, spray it in a cloth – REMEMBER HERBY DOES NOT STAIN CLOTHES, as it is non-oily – and keep it near you, and let the magic of Herby work

Who can use it?

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Adolescents

When to use it?

Spray it before going to bed or anytime when you feel the need.

How often?

Studies suggest, The Mosquito Repellent works upto 8hours with just 2 sprays – MAGIC,isn’t it?

Why choose Herby, the Mosquito Repellent for Home (Super Strong) Against Dengue & Malaria Mosquitoes?

  • Two to three sprays on the skin and it shields from mosquitoes.
  • It is infused with herbs making it free from parabens and sulfates.
  • It contains no oils leaving zero chances of any white stains.
  • Extremely safe whether you use it indoors or outdoors and dawn or dusk.
  • A 100% natural, herbal, and pure formula makes it safe in any contact with the skin.
  • This natural mosquito repellent for home repels the mosquitoes instead of killing them.
  • It is free from DEET.
  • It provides special protection from mosquitoes causing malaria and dengue.
  • Safe to use around pets and children.
  • Extremely safe in any contact with sensitive or child’s skin.
  • The non-poisonous formula makes it extremely safe to use in the kitchen.
  • Developed using herbal and organic ingredients without any chemical solvents.
  • This mosquito repellent body spray is safe to inhale.
  • The impact goes on for around 6-8 hours in a shut room and around 3-4 hours in an open space.
  • The mosquito repellent is in the spray form which is different from slider liquid electric machines as it does not consume any power.
  • Spray it on the clothes because sometimes they can even bite unexposed body parts or near where you sit.
  • It has a pleasant woody and herbal fragrance.
  • It is extremely effective to work on female and big mosquitoes.
  • It is recommended by pediatrics.
  • No side effects.

Note: In case of any contact with the eyes, splash cold water in the eyes till the irritation stops.

These pesky bugs can be a consistent annoyance and irritation when you need to make the most of your garden parties or the wonderful summer night times. You are forced to cover your body when you need to be in flip-flops and light garments. Do not let them get on your nerves. Say no to kisses from mosquitoes and flies. Lay your hands on the Herby, mosquito repellent for home to bid farewell to these pique insects at home. Herby, being an eco-friendly brand manufactures all its products without any pollution or global warming. Bring home the exceptional assurance from mosquitoes for you and your family.

The MOSQUITO REPELLENT FOR HOME (SUPER STRONG) AGAINST DENGUE & MALARIA MOSQUITOES comes in three sizes: 15 nights pack (travellers pack), 60 nights pack, 6 months pack.

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